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Epiph 2~ 1-16-22 ~ Fr. Gary Way's Sermon
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Epiph 3~ 1-23-22 ~ Fr. Munday's Sermon
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Baptisms of Children or adults should be arranged through the Rector. They will normally be held during the main service on Sundays, so that the whole congregation may commit to their responsibilities in bringing the child up in the faith. Please call the church office to make arrangements.

Holy Communion

... Also Known as The Holy Eucharist. This is the primary service offered at All Saints Church. There are two celebrations of the Eucharist on Sunday at 8 am and 10 am.


The 8:00 is a Traditional & shorter service with several hymns.

10:00 is a more Contemporary service with more music. The service is also Streamed over All Saints'  Facebook Page.


Confirmations occur normally once a year during the annual visit of our Bishop.  He tries to visit us during All Saints Day season, and classes will proceed his visit. Contact the Rector if you wish to receive this Sacrament. Baptism is a first step toward Confirmation.


Marriage is a sacred event in the lives of husband and wife. Therefore, pre-marital counseling sessions are held betweeen the priest and the couple. When the counseling is completed, the Wedding is then scheduled. Contact Father Munday for more details.


The Service for the Reconcilation of a Penitent is held between the Priest and a person seeking Penance, Council and Absolution. It can be arranged by contacting Father Munday.

Anointing the Sick

During the Communion of the congregation at every 10:00 am Sunday Eucharist, a group of Healing Ministers gather at the West Entrance to the Church to pray and anoint with Holy Oil, anyone who is seeking Physical, Spiritual or Emotional Healing.

 Private Anointing can also be sought from any of the Parish Clergy.