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All Saints
Church History

All Saints Anglican Church is a continuation of a Christian congregation dating back to the early 20th Century in Montrose.  We are the recent descendant congregation of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and separated from that body and their national affiliate in 2009 over issues of Biblical orthodoxy and faithfulness to the standard of Christian teaching inherited from the early church. Unfortunately, St. Paul's is now closed.

All Saints congregation is a group of Christian folks worshiping together in a spirit of praise, in the context of liturgical practice, and guided by God's Holy Word.  If you are looking for a stable and enthusiastic group of Christians, who seek to serve God, serve others, and serve the needs of the world, then maybe you are just made for our flavor of Christian fellowship. We are in Communion with the Anglican Church in North America and the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains. 

In 2016 the diocese of the Rocky Mountains was formed as part of the Anglican Church in North America. OUR VALUES ANCIENT FAITH. GLOBAL RELATIONSHIPS. LOCAL MISSION. To encourage existing churches and plant new churches that are soaked in the Gospel, bring restoration and life, and make disciples in an Anglican Context. Ancient Faith

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Anglican Church in North America

So, what's an Anglican?

“The  Anglican  Church  is  accurately  described  as  a  `liturgical  church'  and  our  worship  is  entirely liturgical.  Liturgy  is  `Active  and  Participatory'  involving  the  active  participation  of  the  whole congregation  through  corporate  forms  of  prayer,  song,  response,  and  action."

“Anglican Christians believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that accepting Him as Savior is the only way to abundant life in the present age and the age to come.

Anglican Christians are evangelical Christians.  We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that it has unique authority in our lives.  As Biblically-faithful Anglicans, our churches teach the whole Bible and how it applies to our daily lives.  We believe that God's love for the whole world, expressed in Jesus Christ, is Good News that we are called to share with everyone.

Anglican Christians are catholic Christians. We are part of a worldwide church of more than 80 million people that grew out of the Church of England. We are united to each other and to the broader Christian tradition by a shared way of worship, church order, and the celebration and sharing of the sacraments, especially Baptism and Holy Communion.

Anglican Christians are charismatic Christians. We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in believers, enabling, teaching, healing, and calling us to love our neighbors and change the world.”

Anglicanism gives a basic worldview on how to shape your life.  The church calendar builds into your life this imagination for what God is doing. The prayers of confession keep you grounded.  The creed gives you a way to profess what you believe in your own life.  The rhythm in the routines of Anglican spirituality can lead people to Jesus who is the well from which we can drink and never thirst again. If people are plugged into this, Anglicanism can be very powerful today."
                ~  Bishop Robert Duncan